From the dead villages' darkness

by Sivyj Yar

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Mike Lamb
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Mike Lamb An absolutely beautiful atmospheric black metal album. Highly recommended. Favorite track: Distant haze was arising.
Tyler Belisle
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Tyler Belisle Fantastic atmospheric black metal. Great songwriting - every cymbal crash feels like it's serving a purpose, and every riff feels memorable. Perfect vocals, too. Favorite track: Now only abyss hears us.
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Joecriv Well, this just blew me away. Distant Haze Was Arising is probably the most serene and involving black metal song I've heard in a long time and the album as a whole represents a beautiful synthesis of the shoegazing French black metal style, the Cascadian American style and the earthy Eastern European style. A wonderful album. Favorite track: Distant haze was arising.
Meatbreak thumbnail
Meatbreak "...this album manages to retain an Earth-bound Eastern European character while still sounding cosmic and simply not of this world. Folk instrumentation and even piano keys are used to great effect to create a dense wall of atmosphere..."

One of the best releases of the year: Favorite track: With the birds farewell song.
@CelticFrosty thumbnail
@CelticFrosty Aggressive, swelling, and beautiful atmospheric black metal that incorporates folky acoustics and strings to create a sound all his own, Sivyj Yar is an artist on the rise. A must listen. Favorite track: Distant haze was arising.
Spinebrain thumbnail
Spinebrain Strong pagan influence, reminds me of Drudkh. The music itself is well-executed pagan/atmospheric black metal. Favorite track: Now only abyss hears us.


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Rarely does a band come from seemingly nowhere to collectively blow us out of the water the way Sivyj Yar did this month. The one-man band was already on our radar but even so, we didn’t see this coming: one of the best songs, if not one of the best albums, of 2014. “Distant Haze Was Arising” — the centerpiece of Sivyj Yar’s forthcoming LP, From The Dead Villages’ Darkness — is just plain gorgeous. It’s an atmospheric black metal masterpiece built on sweeping, rock-solid riffs that seamlessly pull in heart-stopping acoustics, which, in other hands, often seem like a distracting afterthought. Some people hear a bowed instrument in metal and automatically bust out a thumbs down, but even the most cynical hesher would be lying if s/he denied that swelling feeling in the chest that grabs hold the moment “Distant Haze Was Arising” hits its stride. It’s just invigorating. It’s hard to believe Sivyj Yar aren’t a household name already, although you have to think the band’s home base, Russia, hasn’t helped in terms of getting the word out. Hopefully “Distant Haze Was Arising” fixes that. At the Sargeist show this past weekend at St. Vitus, Michael and I were talking about how we wished “Distant Haze” never ended. The outro riff is one for the ages, and when it fades to black, you’ll be ready to dive in all over again.


released September 20, 2014



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